Friday, April 19, 2013


                                           Diamond Necklace                                A Internally Flawless Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring
                                        Estimate $55,000-75,000                                              Estimate $750,000-950,000
                                   Emerald and Diamond Ring 
                                        Estimate $40,000-60,000 

                             Pair of Diamond Ear Pendants                               A Pair of Sapphire and Diamond Earclips 
                                  Estimate $240,000-300,000                                                Estimate $85,000-100,000    
                                                                                                                   A Superb Diamond Rivière Necklace 
                                                                                                                               Estimate $375,000-450,000   

Gold and Enamel Necklace by David Webb
Estimate $24,000-30,000 

If you're wondering where you could possibly pick up one of these pieces to add to your casual vanity jewelry box containing your other ~$100,000 ear clips, ~$450,000 necklaces, you best find yourself at Phillips De Pury on April 24th.  Last month David spent about 2 weeks and change photographing every jewelry piece that will be auctioned off this coming Wednesday.  There's something about shooting a job for Phillips that isn't quite like the other jobs that we get here at Antfarm.  First off, the variety, and once you get over that, it's the quality and worth that gets you.  Surrounded on set by such designs as those of Cartier, Tiffany and Co., Piaget, Seaman Schepps,Van Cleef & Arpels...potentially all in the same day.  Photographing a ~$950,000 20.70-carat internally flawless fancy yellow diamond ring just doesn't happen every day.  But when it does, we make sure that little guy is shot right.  Hero shot?  You got it.

See all 172 pieces photographed by Antfarm to be auctioned off on April 24th here:

Monday, April 15, 2013


Antfarm is now being represented by ArtMix Creative!  Be sure to visit the ArtMix site to see some more of our images and to check out the other artists in the agency like Darren Ankenman, Nick Ferrari, and Zoey Grossman.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Darker and Trendier

                       Evil Eye ring by NETALI NISSIM                                                      Skull Ring by ANTHONY LENT
                     Protect Me Collection- Black Diamond                               Fearless Collection -Black Rhodium and 22K Gold over Sterling

Various Pieces by LYNN BAN

Looking through our e-mail a couple of weeks ago we stumbled upon one of our shots for jeweler Anthony Lent in the National Jeweler e-newsletter.  Interesting timing considering that we had just started to notice a particular trend from the clients that have come through our studio in January and February.  Madstone, Lynn Ban, Anthony Lent, Netali Nissim--we couldn't help but notice an edginess about what they were bringing to our set.  That's not to say that we don't get the traditional pair of elegant sapphire earrings or the diamond encrusted wedding bands that jewelry companies like Tacori bring to the table, but it's nice to see something a little left of center every now and then.

Jewelry is just as much a product of creativity, careful design, and technique as any other artform.  Macabre themes emerge as a result of interest in the occult and the human condition, and though the jewelers themselves are generally rather jovial and light-spirited in character, it only serves to make their interest in the themes of death and spirits far more interesting.  We're excited and intrigued by these designers, not only because they are pushing the boundaries of what fine jewelry is and can be, but also because they are the ones who keep the industry interesting and perpetually shifting. 

*All photography by Antfarm Photography.